Welcome to
the Pool

The Pool makes available the right healthcare insurance at the right cost for public-service employees in Michigan. Members are at the heart of every decision we make as we design plans to give flexibility and choice.

Transforming healthcare since 2005

The Pool was initially formed by eight West Michigan school districts looking to reduce their health insurance costs. Since then, the Pool has expanded to include 99 organizations, covering more than 25,000 lives.

Why the Pool?

Local ownership

Members work to meet their employees’ needs.

Affordable and clear costs

The Pool’s average annual increase is 5%.

Shared risk

Keeping claims and premium fluctuation down.

Wide variety of plans

Varying deductible, copays, and out‑of‑pocket structures.

My family has grown from two to five in the past few years, and as part of the Pool, we have found the coverage to be very good. Whether it’s the network of doctors, the preventive care services or the reasonable plan cost, we have had nothing but good experiences.

Mike Hagerty – Kent ISD

Who’s in the Pool?

Member Organizations in the pool
School Districts
Municipal Groups
Community Colleges

How we operate

The Pool is a member-focused organization, and our members are at the heart of every decision we make.

Plan designs
  • Self-funded medical and prescription drug coverage
  • Single, two-person, and family rates
  • Basic life, long-term disability, and vision insurance coverage
  • Utilize Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan or Priority Health
  • Initial funding rate is based on plan design, geographic area, census data, and prior experience
  • Risk is spread across the membership at renewal
Financial arrangements
  • Stop loss insurance purchased to protect the Pool from catastrophic claims
  • Members are not responsible for individual claims
  • Transparency through clear reporting


Each member’s rates reflect all aspects of the Pool’s operating costs, including claims, administration, consultation, stop loss protection, and all State and Federal taxes/fees.

Run by members, for members